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Ununcha The Musical​


The story is about greed that metamorphoses to corruption and its gross negative effects on society, It is about a man, Ununcha.

Ununcha is a great performer in the city populated largely by performers. He, despite his position on the social ladder of society was admired by a majority in the city. A time came when the performers wanted a leader that would help the whole city move forward. There were campaigns and manifesto readings and Ununcha came out successful at the end of it. Ununcha in his early days of leadership was a great leader, even now more admired than he was for his exemplary style of leadership that brought about progress in the society.

Time passed and Ununcha changed with time. He realizes what personal gains he could get from his position, not realizing that it was at the detriment of the groups whose interests he was supposed to have at heart all the time. He went on to misappropriate funds and abuse his office, siphoning what was meant for everyone justifying it with the thought of the translation of his name which translates to “All of you”. Ununcha used this as a reason to convert benefits meant for everyone to his personal gain, after all, his name was “all of you.” The people realized what Ununcha was doing and were dissatisfied so they cooked a revolution that saw the once loved Ununcha thrown out of office in shame and disgrace, stripping him of all honor he had gotten, also making him pay back every benefit he must have siphoned.

Ununcha the Musical premiered at the Face of Okija, powered by the Obijackson foundation in Okija, Anambra state featuring top actors like Austin Onuoha, Shimar, Lydian John and many others.

  • Story – Ayo Ajayi
  • Script – Paul Ugbede
  • Drama Director – Ibukun Fasuhan & Gbenga Yusuf
  • Musical Director – Ayo Ajayi



We create magical moments! A lifetime experience.

We create magical moments! A lifetime experience. Declassical Arts & Entertainment was founded in the year 2006 as a musical production company.

Our offerings have expanded over the years to include a full show and events production consultancy.