Declassical Production in collaboration with Ashvault of Mr. Tunde Oduwole



Most times we blame society for making us who we are. But what if we deliberately make ourselves who we are, who do we blame?
Earlier in life, Gula knew what he wanted; make money and get the respect of everyone. Earlier in life, Gula knew how to get what he wanted; become an armed robber. So, despite growing up in a caring society; with a disciplinarian father and a mother who does not support evil of any kind, Gula chose his own path.

This choice gave birth to the story of one of the hardest criminals ever to come out of Northern Nigeria, adapted from Juvenile Delinquency and Criminality who is to blame? (The Story of Baba Ali) by Olusegun Obasanjo, this play follows the life of Baba Ali and showing us clearly that although the society makes us what we eventually become, the choice of who we want to become still lies with us.

The story of Gula is the story of man’s struggle against himself and the society he lives in. it is the story of the choices that we make and the results contained therein. It is the story of redemption; oh yes! for no matter how far gone into darkness we may have, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

Gula! Is a production of Ashvault Production company in collaboration with Declassical Arts & Ent. The premier was in 2017 in Lagos featuring a stellar cast of Paul Alumona, Bolanle Atitebi-Stephen, Lydian John, Officer Woos and many more.

  • Executive Producer – Tunde Oduwole
  • Producer/Music Director – Ayo Ajayi
  • Script – Paul Ugbede
  • Director – Kenneth Uphopho
  • Choreographer – Gbenga Yusuf

We create magical moments! A lifetime experience.

We create magical moments! A lifetime experience. Declassical Arts & Entertainment was founded in the year 2006 as a musical production company.

Our offerings have expanded over the years to include a full show and events production consultancy.